When you buy one, you buy two.

We created ComfPort with a simple goal in mind: Bring added comfort to people when they need it most.  In order to do so, we needed to find a way to get our shirts to as many people as possible.  This is where our donation program came in.  When you buy a Port or supPort-T on our site, you don't just buy one, you buy two.  One for you, and one for someone in need.  It's our way of saying that we all stand together, and no matter how hard things may seem, you're never alone.

This means you don't have to know someone with cancer or chronic illness to make a difference in their life.  Something as simple as a shirt can say much more.  Sometimes the smallest gestures can leave the biggest mark.

While our cause of providing port shirts to those in need may evolve as our company does, we hope to always provide the same service - something tangible that you can do when you feel as though there's nothing to be done.

Here at ComfPort, cancer has affected us in so many awful forms.  If we've learned one thing, it is that we are so much stronger when we choose to stand together.  When cancer attacks one member of a family, it attacks the entire family.  
Welcome to our family.  Find Comfort in ComfPort.